One platform, many workloads, no data silos

Snowflake provides a data cloud platform which helps customers in data engineering, lake, warehousing, science, applications, and sharing across various public clouds.



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March 2020
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Snowflake provides a cloud-data platform on top of the three largest public-cloud vendors. Its core product today is a cloud data warehouse in which companies can store their data and run queries for a wide range of use cases. Data warehouses are increasingly shifting to the cloud due to the benefits of the flexible and scalable architecture required for larger and more complex data set and queries. Snowflake’s offering benefits from its proprietary architecture, enabling a step-change improvement in speed and scalability vs. alternative solutions.


As more companies are looking to employ a multi-cloud strategy, Snowflake’s cloud agnostic, “Switzerland,” status differentiates it from in-house services from the three large public-cloud vendors. We developed a strong relationship with Snowflake’s management team during their tenure at ServiceNow and have high conviction in its ability to execute.

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We had an incredible experience working with Papercup and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the product concept so quickly. It acted as a catalyst to take our company processes to the next level and get more eyes on our product.

Jenny Wilson
Vice President

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