Our Team

Growth powered by human connection

Our experienced team is dedicated to cultivating deep, enduring partnerships with entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses. 

gray silhouette
Tye Merlo

Director of Compliance (Private Markets), Associate Counsel

Morgan Lee

Legal Counsel

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Glenna Boas

Fund Accounting Manager

Headshot Emerson F. Bluhm
Emerson Bluhm, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Sr. Research Analyst

Parker Cassidy


Headshot William M. Chang
William M. Chang

Sr. Research Associate

Headshot Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen


Headshot Daniel H. Cheng
Daniel H. Cheng

Sr. Research Analyst

a man in dark hair with a beard, wearing a black jacket and white shirt smiles at the camera
Michael Clarke

Managing Partner
Portfolio Manager

Headshot Christopher Eng
Christopher Eng


Headshot Jane Fellowes
Jane Fellowes, CPA

Fund Accounting Manager

Headshot Scott Frederick
Scott Frederick

Managing Partner

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Alexandra Fulk

Chief Compliance Offer (SCV), Sr. Legal Counsel

Kumar arab man smiles at the camera
Kumar Gautam


Headshot Andrew C. Gavlin
Andrew C. Gavlin

Sr. Research Associate

Headshot Michael Ginder
Michael J. Ginder, CFA

Principal, Research Analyst

Headshot Andrew Giordano
Andrew P. Giordano

Managing Director, Business Development and Client Relations

Headshot Jennifer A. Goldsmith
Jennifer A. Goldsmith

Sr. Research Analyst
Director, Research Associate Program

Headshot Jonathan P. Goodman
Jonathan P. Goodman

General Counsel

Headshot Michael Graninger
Michael Graninger

Managing Partner

Headshot Nick Graziano
Nick Graziano, CFA

Portfolio Services Specialist

Headshot Yolande J. Hanlan
Yolande J. Hanlan

Director, Sr. Counsel

Headshot Jason S. Harden
Jason S. Harden, CFA

Sr. Research Analyst

Headshot Brad Howlett
Brad Howlett, CVA

Sr. Manager, Finance & Operations

asian redhead woman wearing a black jacket and a colorful t-shirt smiles at the camera
Joanne Hwang

Executive Assistant

Headshot Barron Martin Jr.
Barron Martin Jr., CFA

Managing Partner
Sr. Research Analyst

Headshot Mark McGovern
Mark McGovern

Venture Partner

Headshot Jake Merrill
Jake Merrill, CFA


Headshot Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller

Sr. Associate, Finance & Operations

Headshot Shannon Pederson
Shannon Pederson

Operations Associate

Headshot Daniel Pilling
Daniel Pilling

Sr. Research Analyst

Headshot Ian Ratcliffe
Ian Ratcliffe

Executive Managing Director
Managing Partner

Headshot Gene Riechers
Gene Riechers

Venture Partner

Headshot Miriam Z. Sanders
Miriam Z. Sanders

Manager, Investor Relations

Headshot Frank M. Sands
Frank M. Sands, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Headshot Erin Soule
Erin Soule, CPA

Director of Finance & Operations

Headshot Christy Steele
Christy Steele


Headshot Stephen Zachary
Stephen Zachary, PhD

Managing Partner