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We partner with dynamic and visionary entrepreneurs to build high-quality growth businesses.

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The platform
for building Trust in your AI

Navrina Singh and Credo AI
are helping organizations
build AI technology that is fair,
compliant, safe, secure,
auditable, and human-centered.

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This cutting-edge technology
creates AI voices that are
indistinguishable from
the real thing.

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Goodbye influencers.
Hello creators.

#paid’s all-in-one creator marketing
platform helps you market smarter.

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Premium Technology
for the NEW Online Gaming Era

Boom creates world-class
gaming products for the
biggest brands in sports and
casino gaming.


The platform for building trust in your AI

The Credo AI Responsible Al platform ensures that your Al is compliant, fair, transparent and auditable throughout the entire lifecycle.


The featured portfolio companies represent a subset of Sands Capital holdings that illustrate the types of businesses in which we typically invest. The website uses rotation whereby companies are selected to highlight different sectors and growth industries.

We innovate on the traditional venture capital model

Sands Capital is an active, long-term investor in leading innovative businesses globally. Our approach combines rigorous fundamental analysis with creative thinking to identify high-quality growth businesses that are creating the future. Through strategies designed to concentrate investment in these businesses, we serve the long-term growth objectives of institutions and fund sponsors in more than 40 countries.

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